A Different Time

When I was growing up in my hometown of Snyder, Oklahoma, population 1400, there were […]

med book

Syrian Surprises

Jean and I had long wanted to visit the wonders of the rediscovered city of […]

Syria 1

Another Invasion

In school we read about the invasion and destruction of Washington, DC by the British […]

In front of the WWII Memorial. I am on the far left.

Cyclone Fear

It was on the late afternoon of June 5, 1936 when we heard the double […]

This door handle had been on Bush's farm home. It's virtually all that was left after the cyclone hit. Note the metal plate that was twisted by the cyclone's powerful winds.

Kid in Osage County

My first nine years of life were spent in Osage County, Oklahoma.  After four years […]

Model Ts photo

Wandering Around Cambodia

After completing our tour of the military ruled Myanmar (Burma) in the spring of 2003, […]

cambodia ancient tree roots

Road to Mandalay

In the spring of 2003, Jean and I took a tour in Asia.  It included […]

Buddhist monks

The Letter

The Berlin Wall fell November 9, 1989.  This signified the end of the cold war.  […]

photo with The Letter 3

Fun Time

Soon after moving to Colorado in August of 1971, Jean and I joined Littleton United […]

Uncle Jimmy and friend

Tender Touch

When our travels would take us into Asia, Jean would often have a massage.  In […]

The orangutan that grabbed Jean's leg.


Almost everyone in the world is horrified at the tremendous destruction done by Mother Nature […]

If It Had Not Been For

As I remember, it was in 1933 when I was seven years old that I […]

Jimmy at 2 with Floyd


I gave up girlfriends in the second grade when I got in trouble with the […]

Jim and Jean first Christmas

Now and Then

Several times a day I am reminded of the progress that has been made in […]



Our mothers gave us warnings of troubles and difficulties we might encounter in life.  They […]

First Winter in Colorado

The company for which I worked, Amoco, closed its Fort Worth office in August of […]

The view out our window during one of our snow storms in 2011.


GIFTS   It is two months until Christmas.  For sometime we have been made aware […]

Three Kings

Getting Around in Mongolia

In the fall of 1997, Jean and I joined a dozen fellow travelers in the […]

Mongolia 2

Here to Eternity

Recently, I was asked what I am going to do with the rest of my […]


Black Ball

When as an adult, my sister and/or I would return home for a visit with […]

Pomp and Circumstance

Graduation time is here.  Invitations to attend graduation exercises have been arriving.  At our age, […]

My High School graduating class - 1944

Small School Activities

My hometown’s population was about 1,400 and the high school had around 140 students.  Most […]

Evalu Van  
cleave and me as Hiram and Elvira Skaggs in the Senior Class play, Mr. Beane From Lima.


I recently was asked what do I say to my grandchildren. I have three step […]

Kid Stuff

The Biting Game My first three years of grade school were in the small town […]

Spring 1933. Melvin Donahue and me. He and I were neighbors in Wynona before and in the first grade. He and I argued a lot. Of course he was always wrong. I think that he is the one I bit.

Town Farm Hand

My eighth year was a pivotal year.  My sister was born.  I now had a […]

My parents, sister and grandmother outside the Town Farm home just before I went to Japan during World War II.

Balinesian Last Rights

When I was young, all last rights were conducted very much like that of my […]

Indonesia photo 2


One of the things I enjoy most in the world is to open our mailbox […]

Sis Fulps with my sister and me in Spring 2012. In Sis' yard in Snyder, Oklahoma.

Lime Pots

  In 1990, after three days in Bali, Jean and I flew to the island […]

Lime Pots photo


In late August of 2001, Billie Suchsland joined Jean and me on at trip from […]


Jean and I had been married a little more than a year when I was […]

Mae Goes Back to School

My mother, Mae Otwell Pershall, graduated from Snyder, Oklahoma High School in 1921.  Her father […]

Mae Otwell's (my mother) 1921 High School graduating class


Climbing is one of the things we attempt early in life.  After many warnings and […]

We walked about a mile on The Great Wall of China.

Center of the Universe

The most of my formative years were spent happily in the small town of Snyder […]

Rural Oklahoma Highway Sign

Enduring Relationships

Probably my most enduring relationship has been with country fried potatoes, peanut butter and cherry […]

Jean and I with Bob and Billie Suchsland crossing the Andes on the top of a train.

Amateur Vets

At one time, the sign that welcomed people to my hometown of Snyder, Oklahoma included […]

My father Floyd Pershall and his twin calves that he loved so  

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

It was 1935 and I would be nine years old that August.  In order to […]

First Date

I was transferred from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth by Stanolind Oil and Gas Company […]

Where They Met

FLOYD AND MAE – AT THE TRAIN STATION Sometime around 1920, my granddad, Sam Pershall, […]

Mae and Floyd sitting on the porch of the teacherage at Mound Valley School where Mae taught and lived.

Into the Valley

On our travels, Jean and I have been on many memorable rides that were exhilarating […]

Christmases Past

Today is my 83rd celebration of the arrival of our savior, Jesus Christ.  I find […]

Boy’s Clothing in High School – 1940s

I was a freshman in the Snyder, Oklahoma High School when Pearl Harbor was bombed.  […]

Twenty Cents Worth of Steak

As a child in a small town, I had the freedom to roam round anywhere […]

Linnie and Sam are in the upper left corner. My mother and father are in the upper right. The adults in the center are my father's brother and his wife, Roscoe and Cassie. The children are my father's sisters, Vera, Viola (Vi) and Mildred (who I affectionately called Auntie Go-Go). I'm the little boy in the picture and the remaining girl is my first cousin, Bettie Sue, Roscoe and Cassie's daughter.

Pull, Pull, Pull

Many years during the 1980’s and 1990’s, we spent our Thanksgiving holidays in Mexico, usually […]

Jean pull pull pull 2

Baboon Burglar

In the early 1980’s, Jean and I became intrigued with foreign travel and began seeing […]

Picture Brings Memories

About a month ago there was a picture in my hometown newspaper, THE KIOWA COUNTY […]

Otwell Building in 2012

Columbine Safari

In 1971, Jean, the boys and I moved from Texas to Columbine Hills near Littleton, […]


Anton and Helen Juracek and their five children moved from Nebraska to Snyder so that […]

Lucille family helper for grandmother

The First Week Of December 1941

On Monday, December 8, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that Sunday, the day before, […]

Me just after my 19th birthday in 1945 a few months before I left for Japan as part of the occupation