Another Invasion

In school we read about the invasion and destruction of Washington, DC by the British […]

In front of the WWII Memorial. I am on the far left.

Cyclone Fear

It was on the late afternoon of June 5, 1936 when we heard the double […]

This door handle had been on Bush's farm home. It's virtually all that was left after the cyclone hit. Note the metal plate that was twisted by the cyclone's powerful winds.

Kid in Osage County

My first nine years of life were spent in Osage County, Oklahoma.  After four years […]

Model Ts photo


In late August of 2001, Billie Suchsland joined Jean and me on at trip from […]

The First Week Of December 1941

On Monday, December 8, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that Sunday, the day before, […]

Me just after my 19th birthday in 1945 a few months before I left for Japan as part of the occupation