Syrian Surprises

Jean and I had long wanted to visit the wonders of the rediscovered city of […]

Syria 1

Another Invasion

In school we read about the invasion and destruction of Washington, DC by the British […]

In front of the WWII Memorial. I am on the far left.

Wandering Around Cambodia

After completing our tour of the military ruled Myanmar (Burma) in the spring of 2003, […]

cambodia ancient tree roots

Road to Mandalay

In the spring of 2003, Jean and I took a tour in Asia.  It included […]

Buddhist monks

The Letter

The Berlin Wall fell November 9, 1989.  This signified the end of the cold war.  […]

photo with The Letter 3

Fun Time

Soon after moving to Colorado in August of 1971, Jean and I joined Littleton United […]

Uncle Jimmy and friend

Tender Touch

When our travels would take us into Asia, Jean would often have a massage.  In […]

The orangutan that grabbed Jean's leg.


GIFTS   It is two months until Christmas.  For sometime we have been made aware […]

Three Kings

Getting Around in Mongolia

In the fall of 1997, Jean and I joined a dozen fellow travelers in the […]

Mongolia 2

Balinesian Last Rights

When I was young, all last rights were conducted very much like that of my […]

Indonesia photo 2

Lime Pots

  In 1990, after three days in Bali, Jean and I flew to the island […]

Lime Pots photo


In late August of 2001, Billie Suchsland joined Jean and me on at trip from […]


Climbing is one of the things we attempt early in life.  After many warnings and […]

We walked about a mile on The Great Wall of China.

Center of the Universe

The most of my formative years were spent happily in the small town of Snyder […]

Rural Oklahoma Highway Sign

Enduring Relationships

Probably my most enduring relationship has been with country fried potatoes, peanut butter and cherry […]

Jean and I with Bob and Billie Suchsland crossing the Andes on the top of a train.

Into the Valley

On our travels, Jean and I have been on many memorable rides that were exhilarating […]

Pull, Pull, Pull

Many years during the 1980’s and 1990’s, we spent our Thanksgiving holidays in Mexico, usually […]

Jean pull pull pull 2

Baboon Burglar

In the early 1980’s, Jean and I became intrigued with foreign travel and began seeing […]