Jean and I had been married a little more than a year when I was transferred to Amoco’s Denver office from Fort Worth.  Jean, her three boys and I arrived in Colorado on August 13, 1971, my birthday.  We soon moved into a new home in the Littleton Area.

Jean and the boys were Southern Baptist however, I was Methodist.  We  attended our respective churches in Fort Worth.  We decided to visit both Baptist and Methodist churches to find a new church home for the five of us to attend together. First, we visited a downtown Methodist church but it did not appeal to us.

My old friend, John Cranor, invited us to visit the Littleton United Methodist Church, which we did the very next Sunday.  We were extremely impressed by the message given by the senior minister, Rev. Fred Venable and the entire service.

Jean said, “This is the church for us.  I loved the sermon and I really was happy with the closing of the service.  In the Baptist Sunday service, we have to sit there for a long time repeatedly singing or humming songs attempting to get someone to come to the altar.  First the women sing, then, we hum, then the men and next, everybody.  Then you would be asked to close your eyes and sing one more time.  Here, we said “Amen” and got out of there”.

A couple of months later, we joined LUMC and a little later, we joined the Crusader Sunday School Class.  We were made to feel at home by everyone in the large class.  Several of the members have been our friends for many, many years.

Our lives have been truly enriched by our church and class.  We feel fortunate because our forced change of location resulted in a new life and the union of our religious affiliation.


Jim Pershall

September 2011


(15 minute assignment in class)