I recently was asked what do I say to my grandchildren.

I have three step granddaughters and four great grandchildren.  I have not had the privilege of spending a lot of time with them.  We have the most fun when we are playing together or making up stories.

I find that they learn more about me and from me in the activities we share than from what I try to tell them about life.   I try to use my mother’s method of teaching her children by illustrations of other people’s problems and how they handled or mishandled them.

I often advise young people of three things that should be expected from everybody.  These are:

  1. Be God Fearing
  2. Be Law Abiding
  3. Learn to take care of yourself

Also, that if they want to be happy with themselves, they should practice the Golden Rule.

Recently, I have read and appreciate author Larry Winget’s  philosophy of life:

  1. Expect the best
  2. Be prepared for the worst
  3. Celebrate it all

I remember only one effort by me to discipline a grandchild.  My granddaughter who was less than three years old was visiting for Christmas with her sister and parents.

I found her alone in the den holding a lighted cigarette in her mouth.  It has been left in an ashtray by one of her parents.  I immediately grabbed it out of her mouth and shouted  “Don’t you ever do that again”.

Before I knew what happened, she reached over and bit my leg.  I found that she had a very powerful bite.  She went running and crying to her parents in another room.  Guess who ended up being the bad guy.



April 2012