Here to Eternity

Recently, I was asked what I am going to do with the rest of my life.  What a question to ask an eighty-six year old man. My immediate answer can be answered in three words – doctors, church and naps.  I guess that you could throw in trips to the grocery store.

I got to thinking about one of my mother’s sayings.  She often exclaimed “That as people get older, they get more like themselves, only more-so.  I am in the “more-so stage”.  Jean and I recognize the wisdom of Mother’s words as we observe the aging of many of our friends and relatives.

The one person I cannot observe for the validity of this assertion is Jim Pershall. From what I have been told about my early years, I don’t think I want to know about my more-so years.  Hopefully, God has made some changes.

After I finished college and obtained a job, my life planning pretty much stopped.  I could then support myself and be independent.  I think that God has guided my life and I have unconsciously taken things pretty much as they come.  This mode of life would be hard to change and I will not try.

Age related deterioration of my body and mind is limiting my activities and improvement is not likely. I pray that I can hold on to my independence.  I find it difficult to rely on others for help.  I hope to learn to gracefully accept assistance when it is necessary and offered.

I help some of my neighbors when I recognize the need.  I hope that I will always have the strength to aid them.  A few friends and neighbors come to me when they want to discuss their problems and joys.  Continuing this is important to me.

Happiness to me is the inspiration I receive from church and Sunday School.  This must continue.

What I do with the rest of my life will be determined by God, family and friends.